Types of non-injection mesotherapy

Mesotherapy without punctures is a procedure suitable not only for facial rejuvenation, but also for improving body contours, as well as for increasing hair density and elasticity.

For this, devices are used that differ in the principle of operation – in how exactly they conduct mesococktails under the skin.

Oxygen mesotherapy. In this case, the skin is treated with oxygen in its pure form, and the therapeutic composition penetrates under its pressure – the injection method is used.
Cryomesotherapy. To obtain the desired effect, the skin is affected by cold and electric waves – they not only increase the permeability of cells, but also complement the action of drugs, strengthening the walls of blood vessels, as well as tightening tissues.
Iontophoresis. This procedure is carried out with the help of galvanic current.
Laser mesotherapy. The conductor for the meso-cocktail is laser radiation, which enhances its effect.
Ultrasonic. Therapeutic compositions enter the deep layers of the skin with the help of ultrasonic vibrations, which also enhance their effect.
Electroporation (hydromesotherapy). During this procedure, the beneficial ingredients of meso-cocktails penetrate the tissues under the influence of electromagnetic radiation. These pulses multiply the permeability of cells, so even large molecules (for example, hyaluronic acid) can enter the dermis.
Aquaphoresis. This technique combines the principles of electrical and laser stimulation, as well as lymphatic drainage. It enhances metabolic processes, normalizes the outflow of fluid and helps to get rid of puffiness. As a result, the skin becomes more hydrated and supple.
Mesotherapy with magnetophoresis. Here, the transporting function for active substances is performed by magnetic waves.
The main advantage of hardware techniques is their painlessness and minimal recovery period.

Cocktails for non-injection facial mesotherapy

For a needle-free rejuvenation technique, as well as for classical mesotherapy, preparations are needed that act on the skin in a complex way.

Conditionally, the compositions for mesotherapy without punctures are divided into therapeutic and anti-aging. The former are aimed at treating skin diseases (rosacea, acne), as well as smoothing scars and scars. For this, antibiotics and medicines that improve microcirculation and not only can be used. They have a local effect.

Anti-aging meso-cocktails work with age-related changes: wrinkles, sagging skin, sagging tissues.

The cosmetologist must carefully consider the composition of each serum, using different components. For example, these:

Vitamins. Quite often, vitamin C is added to this composition, which helps in the fight against acne and tightens the skin.
Hyaluronic acid – it has a beneficial effect on skin tone, moisturizing it from the inside.
Peptides that help remove toxins from cells.
Glycolic acid. Activates the production of its own collagen and elastin. As a result, wrinkles are smoothed out and the skin becomes firmer. In addition, it helps to eliminate age spots.
Also, ceramides, microelements, antioxidants, plant extracts and other substances useful for a particular patient can be added to the restorative cocktail.