How to cleanse and tone the skin?

What do you need for daily skin care? Properly choose the means and know the scheme of care in stages!

Cleansing is a prerequisite for the normal functioning of the skin. This is the main procedure before applying all nourishing creams. Scientists have proven that cleansed skin absorbs the nutritional components of cosmetics by 30% better than contaminated skin.

Don’t neglect cleansing in the morning. Even if the skin is visually clean, this does not mean at all that the skin is not contaminated. All night the cells were actively working, bringing toxins and sebum to the surface. They must be disposed of to awaken the skin.

The main rules of daily cleansing and toning:

Cleansing is carried out in the morning and in the evening. The main stage of intensive cleansing should be in the evening, when the skin accumulates impurities during the day.
To cleanse the skin, makeup is removed with special means – first from the eyes, then from the entire face. Decorative cosmetics are removed with make-up products – mousses, foams, gels. They are selected according to skin type. Mousses and foams are suitable for dry and normal skin, gels are suitable for oily skin.
All cleaning products, without exception, must be washed off with water. Even light milk should not be left on the skin. The components that make up the cleansers gradually destroy the lipid membrane of the skin, reducing its protective ability.
After cleansing, the skin is toned with tonic, lotion or toner, depending on the type of skin. These products eliminate the remnants of chlorinated water, soothe the skin, and stabilize the pH. Every day skin care should not include alcohol-based tonics. They aggressively affect the skin, and subsequently stimulate the hypersecretion of the glands.
How to choose the skin care products that are right for you?
Daily home skin care is individual. Do not neglect the advice of a beautician and choose your own care products. Even if these products suit your girlfriend / sister / mother, this does not mean at all that they are universal.

Means for daily skin care should be selected by a cosmetologist regarding the type and condition of the skin, age, and the presence of skin defects.

How to take care of the skin depending on its type?

Oily and combination skin suffers from intense sebum production. The skin is characterized by a characteristic oily sheen, which is especially noticeable in the nose, forehead and chin.

Daily care for problematic facial skin is based on the use of mousse texture products that are washed off with water. Such products do not disturb the balance of the skin. To care for problem skin, it is better not to use abrasive products – they aggressively cleanse the skin and injure the epidermis.

Every day care for problematic facial skin is based on the main rule – competent cleansing. The skin needs to be looked after with gels and small scrubs. They eliminate dirt and dead skin particles, cleanse pores, and eliminate blockage of the sebaceous glands. Daily care for problem skin necessarily includes refreshing the face with tonic. Products should contain a lot of moisture, but not be too greasy.