Fitness and SPA are two areas

Fitness and SPA are two areas, the combination of which successfully solves one common problem – maintaining youth, beauty and health. Fitness classes in combination with a variety of Phyto-SPA procedures allow us to achieve an important and sought-after goal in our time – maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In our Phyto-SPA complex, you can strengthen your immune system and get a boost of energy in phyto-barrels made of natural Siberian cedar and relax in a hydromassage pool filled with air bubbles, and then, sitting on sunbeds, in an atmosphere of flickering candles and spicy herbs, drink fragrant tea and sing karaoke with friends.

Our Phyto-SPA services and procedures:

  • phyto-barrels from Siberian cedar with steam supply, enriched with natural herbs;
  • cedar font;
  • contrast water therapy;
  • swimming pool with hydro and aero massage;
  • spa treatments;
  • massage;
  • herbal teas and tea card;
  • lounge room;
  • karaoke;

All about phyto-barrels

A unique method of the positive impact of fragrant herbal preparations on the human body is phyto procedures in barrels and fonts made of natural Siberian cedar.

All about phyto-barrelsRegular procedures in phyto-barrels and fonts will help prolong youth and preserve beauty and health for a long time. After a session in the phyto sauna, you will feel wonderfully rested, feel extraordinary freshness and relaxation, and a cup of fragrant freshly brewed tea will give you vigor and energy for the whole week.

All about phyto-barrels The exclusivity of phyto procedures in cedar phyto-barrels is that, unlike traditional baths and saunas, they do not have a wide range of contraindications, as well as age restrictions.

Indications for use:

• cleansing the body, increasing immunity;

• stress relief, restoration and strengthening of the nervous system;

• comprehensive body shaping (weight loss, cellulite removal);

• chronic fatigue syndrome;

• colds, incl. chronic;

• prevention of premature aging;

• strengthening of the cardiovascular system;

• muscle fatigue from physical exertion;

• normalization of the hormonal system;

• restoration and enhancement of sexual function;

• removal of a hangover syndrome;

• prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system;

• inactive form of chronic rheumatic disease.

Cedar phyto-barrel is healing in itself, because. cedar is considered one of the best natural healers, its wood releases phytoncides that kill and inhibit the growth and development of harmful microorganisms.

To achieve the maximum effect in phyto-barrels and fonts, it is recommended to use phyto-collections that enrich the hot steam.

Due to the special design of the phyto-barrel, a significant increase in the positive effect occurs, because. The impact of healing steam is through the alveoli of the lungs.

In the phyto mini-sauna, there is no pressure on the vessels of the brain, which makes the use of a cedar phyto barrel accessible to most people.

Phyto fees

We offer you a variety of herbal preparations from medicinal plants of the Altai mountains and valleys. The ratio of herbs in each depends on the purpose of the phyto-collection.

– “Fortifying” – it includes plants that improve well-being and enhance immune defenses. Phyto-collection can be used in combination with other drugs for the treatment of a number of diseases. In addition, the phyto-collection “Fortifying” will help with overwork, chronic fatigue syndrome, and general weakness. After illnesses, especially if antibiotics were used for their treatment, a course of procedures with this phyto-collection is also recommended.
Ingredients: elecampane, safflower-like leuzea, Siberian catnip, creeping thyme (thyme), mountain pine cone, cocoa beans.

– “Soothing” – it contains plants that have a pronounced sedative effect. In addition, the collection has an antispasmodic and analgesic effect. Due to the essential oils contained in the components of the phyto-collection, the effect of its use persists for a long time.
Ingredients: Ziziphora cuneiform, five-lobed motherwort, common oregano, steppe peony, mountain pine cone, cocoa beans.

– “With SARS” – stimulates immune processes and has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and antiseptic effects. Thermal procedures using this phytocollection allow you to cope with a cold. The plants included in this collection contain essential oils that have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system.
Ingredients: knotweed, thyme, round eucalyptus, sage.

– “Anti-cellulite” – it contains plants that have proven their effectiveness in the fight against cellulite. Regular use of the collection helps to eliminate not only the external signs of cellulite, but also its causes. First of all, the components of the collection contribute to the removal of toxins, toxins and excess fluid from the body. The herbs included in this collection normalize the activity of the endocrine glands and stimulate metabolic processes in the subcutaneous tissue. An additional effect of using the collection is weight loss.