Cosmetologist’s advice

Skin care every day is a prerequisite for its health and beauty. Properly selected care products will prevent early signs of aging, the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. But what should be the daily skin care?

Basic facial skin care: advice from a beautician

During the day, many impurities accumulate on the surface of the skin, which may not be visible to the naked eye. Foundation, powder, dust particles settle on the surface of the skin and clog pores. Skin glands secrete oil – normally it moisturizes the skin and regulates pH.

If the lipid balance of the skin is disturbed, skin care is carried out illiterately every day, this can cause a number of problems:

  • blockage of pores
  • inflammation and acne
  • violation of breathing and nutrition of the skin
  • decrease in elasticity
  • the appearance of wrinkles, etc.

Proper daily skin care consists of several stages. The means are selected by the beautician, taking into account age, skin type, the presence and intensity of defects.

Why cleanse and tone your skin?

The main steps in skin care are cleansing and toning. They should be performed 2 times a day. Daily skin care at home depends on the condition of the skin.

Cleansing is an important step in skin care procedures. The use of makeup and cosmetics without prior cleansing will be ineffective – the skin and pores are contaminated, which provokes the appearance of pimples and minor defects. Even if you do not apply decorative cosmetics, skin cleansing should be carried out anyway.

Daily skin care at home can not do without cleansing. During the night, the skin intensively produces sebum. Morning procedures will help remove excess skin secretion and prepare the skin for the use of a day cream.

Proper daily facial skin care necessarily includes evening cleansing of dirt and makeup residues. After cleansing, the skin is able to absorb the nutrients contained in the creams. The main rule is to use special products to cleanse the thin skin around the eyes.

If everything is clear with cleansing, then why does the skin need toning? The normal pH of human skin is 3.5-5.5. The skin is covered with a lipid layer called the acid mantle. Washing breaks the acidity of the skin, as the products often contain alkalis. After a while, the skin itself is able to restore pH, but tonic will help speed up this process.

Facial skin care includes toning every day. Tonics perform several tasks:

  • help neutralize the effects of cleansers
  • stabilize skin pH after cleansing
  • prepare the skin for cream application
  • improve the penetration of nutrients into the deep layers of the dermis

Daily skin care for the face and neck is the use of tonics in the morning and evening. Tonic restores pH, eliminates the feeling of tightness. The effect of toning will not keep you waiting – the skin becomes moisturized and velvety, skin pores narrow, inflammatory processes decrease.