Apparatus for mesotherapy

The composition of individual cocktails, as well as the technique, is chosen by the doctor, based on the tasks that need to be solved. Of course, it is also important with the help of which devices the therapeutic sera will be administered.

On the market today there are such options that are considered reliable:

Young-In Oxygen Peel 028. With it, the skin is treated contactlessly using water and oxygen.
Young-In Hydro 013. This compact device allows you to achieve the effect of tightening due to current pulses that stimulate cell activity. It is also used to enhance the activity of hair follicles.
Gezatone M 9900. Effective due to the principles of myostimulation and electrophoresis. Suitable even for home use.
Beauty Iris Gezatone. Designed for iontophoresis – conducts active substances into the skin due to galvanic current. Tones and accelerates lymphatic drainage.
Vivax Cryop. It is used for cryomesotherapy – it works due to the local effect of low temperatures.
Benefits of the procedure
Benefits of the procedure

The advantages of mesotherapy without punctures have already been appreciated by many patients of beauty clinics, as well as specialists in aesthetic medicine.

Main advantages:

  • painlessness;
  • comfort of the procedure;
  • fast recovery;
  • can be used even from 12 years;
  • many indications;
  • the drug is distributed evenly;
  • quick result;
  • individual composition of mesococktails;
  • a large selection of device options;
  • there is no risk of inflammation.

Hardware non-injection mesotherapy is especially liked by women and men because there are no hematomas and puffiness, which often occur after “beauty shots”.

Despite the fact that this is a very delicate manipulation, cosmetologists usually recommend following simple recommendations for 3-4 days.


  • do not go to the bath, sauna;
  • do not sunbathe – neither in the solarium, nor on the beach;
  • do not use decorative cosmetics on the treated areas, do not rub or massage them;
  • do not drink alcohol;
  • avoid heavy physical exertion, including intense training;
  • Apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 40 to your face.

Compliance with these rules will help to avoid the rapid removal of the cocktail from the dermis and prolong the result of mesotherapy.