Body care

Skin care for many girls has become a daily ritual. But few for whom is equally important procedure is body care. In most cases, he gets only a shower with a standard set of cosmetics. The lack of attention to the skin of the body becomes noticeable very soon – the skin becomes dry, tight, its elasticity is lost, irritation and inflammation appear. Cellulite, stretch marks, rashes – in most cases, this is also the result of improper or missing body care.

Why skin care is important

The total area of ​​the skin of an adult is on average 20,000 square centimeters. Its weight is approximately 16% of the total body weight. These data help to believe that the skin is a rather important and serious organ, on the health of which the state of the person as a whole depends.

The skin acts as a strong barrier between the “inner world” of a person and external factors. It protects, helps maintain a comfortable temperature, prevents dehydration, energy loss and other losses that can seriously affect health and quality of life. The skin is one of the few organs visible to other people. Therefore, the aesthetic role it plays is also important. Internal processes are displayed on the skin – if the body is unhealthy, this is immediately evident from the changed state of the integument.

For all its significance and importance, the skin is a rather fragile and vulnerable organ. It can suffer not only as a result of mechanical stress, but also due to climate change, high humidity, natural aging. The condition of the skin is influenced by hormonal background, genetic predispositions, external factors. Be sure to take care of the cover – daily body care at home will help to keep the skin beautiful, healthy, young for a long time.

Why is it important to take care of the whole body, not just the face? Among the reasons it is worth mentioning the harmony of appearance. Agree, the combination of a well-groomed beautiful face and flabby neck skin, dull décolleté, overdried hands and keratinized feet does not look very attractive.

How to take care of the body

When planning to carry out body care at home, be sure to consider the type of skin. The skin of the body cannot be oily, unlike the skin of the face, because the work of the sebaceous glands on it is less active.

Normal skin type can be determined by the condition of the cleansed integument. If, after a shower, areas such as elbows, knees and feet are not dry, the skin on other parts of the body is not tightened, it does not turn red after a short exposure to the sun, and there are no allergic reactions and irritations to cosmetics – your skin is normal. Body care in this case does not require special procedures and is easily carried out at home. It is enough to purchase a high-quality cream, balm or oil to moisturize the skin.

Body care rules will be different if the skin is dry and thin. In this case, after cleansing with conventional shower products, a feeling of tightness, dryness appears on it, irritation and peeling may appear. On the elbows, knees, feet, the skin becomes rough, cracks appear on it. Such skin must be thoroughly moisturized, and, taking care that the effect persists for a long time.

For dry and thin skin, the choice of cosmetics is the selection of a nourishing cream with a rich texture, the choice of good cleansers (creams, milk). Make sure that cosmetics do not clog pores and do not tighten the skin with a film.

If you spend a lot of time in the sun, use a tanning bed, lead a sedentary lifestyle, or eat a poor diet, your skin can become dehydrated. This property also often manifests itself in the hot season. What should be the body care for dehydrated skin and in summer?

  • Be sure to consult a beautician for advice on care;
  • use cosmetics with anti-cellulite effect;
  • regularly massage using massage accessories;
  • normalize sleep and nutrition.

Do not go outside in the summer without SPF protection. In autumn and winter, it is useful to undergo a series of procedures to cleanse the skin, use scrubs and peels, and intensively nourish the skin. In the spring, start preparing your body for the summer season. Moisturize the skin, restoring its firmness and elasticity.

How to properly care for the skin of the body

When choosing cosmetic products for care, pay attention to such features as skin type, season, lifestyle. Carry out care procedures in several stages:

  • cleansing;
  • toning;
  • nutrition and hydration.

Choose the textures of cleansers depending on your own preferences. It can be a cream, milk, gel, foam. Do not use alkaline products – they dry out the skin.

Do not use hot water for showering. It should be at room temperature. When taking a bath, add moisturizing ingredients to the water. Don’t rub your skin – after showering, gently pat it dry with a soft towel. Repeatedly use a body scrub a week for gentle exfoliation. After a shower, apply lotion to the body, which will moisturize the integument and prepare them for further care. In summer, you can complete the procedure by applying a light gel or cream. In winter, opt for richer, more nourishing textures.

Why is regular body care important? Daily care of the skin will help to keep it young and attractive for a long time. Avoid discomfort, tightness, flabbiness. Be beautiful. Moreover, care procedures have a positive effect on mood.